White Horse Santa Jim Beidle

Current Schedule

Pacific Standard Time

December 17, 6P – 3P

December 18, 4:30P – 8P

December 21, 5P – 8P

December 22, 5P – 8P

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Booking Your Virtual Visit in 2020

Scheduling Visits in 10-Minute Blocks

In order for me to give you the best value for your time and money, I’m scheduling visits in ten-minute blocks through the hours I’m available. Look at my program of available hours below and choose a day and time that works for you.

In practical terms, that means we have about seven or eight minutes to visit. During the visit, Santa recognizes your children’s achievements and challenges. He lets them know that their teachers, relatives, and friends are thinking about them. We’ll talk about your pets and siblings. And, Santa will hear their Christmas wishes!

Remember, you can include a total of five households in your visit at no additional cost. Relatives from across the country or around the world may join us for a fun, enchanting visit with Santa at the North Pole. Just include an email from each household and they’ll receive an invitation to join us.

Is 10 minutes not enough time? Book an additional ten-minute block for $19. You’ll have enough time to hear a story and learn even more about life at the North Pole! Note: Additional blocks are subject to Santa’s availability. We may have to wiggle and negotiate a time to make it work for both of us.

Our video call is the same secure platform “Visit with Santa” uses for their retail visits. They have made their proven technology available to the Santa community. Unlike conventional conference software, there is no chance of anyone barging on our visit. It’s hosted by Amazon on a private video server. 

Scheduling Visits is Easy-Peasy:

  1. Check the schedule below and find your date and time;
  2. Fill out the form with your preferred date and time;
  3. I’ll check my schedule (Twice!) and confirm your appointment with Santa.

Appointments are first come-first served, although I try to accommodate everyone. When we have matched a date and time, I’ll set the appointment on the video server. When you’ve paid the invoice, our appointment is confirmed!


Let's figure out when we can get together. Please enter the required fields and choose a date from the list on this page. Please understand that I already have many days booked for this season, and your first choice may not be available. Once I get your request, I'll double-check my calendar and we'll confirm our booking.

Consider how many blocks of time you'd like to reserve. Each block is 10-minutes, which means that your actual visit with Santa is typically 5 to 8 Minutes long. If you have more than three or four older children, or you have more than two families joining, you may want to consider adding additional time. Additional time is subject to availability.

You may include up to five other households in your visit! If you already know who they are, please include email addresses for each house, so they'll receive an invitation to our event. It's okay if you don't have that info yet - that's one reason we have a couple of days between scheduling and the visit!

Once we're scheduled, I'll get your information loaded onto the video chat site. You'll receive an invoice and an invitation. After you pay the invoice, the link is ready for our visit!

Please choose a date from the schedule. These are the days and times I have reserved for you.
Times start every 10 minutes from the top of the hour.
What Time Zone are you in? Santa resides in Pacific Standard Time.
I'll collect information for our visit once we're schedule.
How many 10-minute time blocks would you like to reserve?
Details to help me schedule your visit.