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Santa Jim writes note of encouragement to your child throughout the year.

Your child means the world to you. You aim to help them grow into the very best person they can become. It’s often a joy, and sometimes a struggle.

Santa means the world to your child. He’s a coaxes good behavior from them. He heralds a season of joy and togetherness. Of course, he brings gifts!

What If Santa Helped You Year-Round?

Imagine your child receiving a note from Santa every once in a while. What a thrill that Santa knows about good grades, sports awards, and community service. And Santa encourages your child in areas that need work, like caring for pets, homework, or chores. Santa always seems to know what is happening with your child.

In November, your child receives a letter summarizing all the growth and good work they’ve done in the past year. And, just before Christmas, your child gets a packet from the North Pole with a Certificate of Nice List and a congratulatory letter from Santa and Mrs. Claus.

How Does It Work?

Depending on the subscription you choose, your child gets

  • A personalized note from Santa each month or quarter,
  • A birthday card,
  • A seasonal summary of their excellent work, and
  • A Nice List packet.
  • In the Bonus Rudolph Package, Santa video chats with your child for their birthday and Christmas.

Shortly before I mail each dispatch, you’ll receive an email reminder to help Santa do his job, so we can give your child the best experience. In a secure online form, you tell me what’s happening with them, and anything special you want Santa to notice.

In a few days, your child gets a postcard, greeting card, or letter giving them news from the North Pole, recognition for good work, and encouragement to keep them going.

Great! I Have More Than One Child, Though

It’s easy to add more children in a household to your subscription plan. At checkout, indicate how many children you are enrolling in the program. Each additional child gets all the same personalized letters and cards throughout the year at an additional cost of $27 per child.

What Are My Options?

I offer four different subscriptions.

  • Dasher. Dasher is the lead reindeer and knows where she’s going. If you’ve found me just before Christmas or want to try out a subscription, Dasher is for you. The subscription offers the child’s year in review, a Nice List Certificate package, and a personalized card on their next birthday.
  • Comet. Comet is in the middle of the hitch. He’s neither the biggest nor the smallest reindeer, and the sleigh can’t go without Comet. You’re looking for a budget offering to see how it works for your child, choose Comet. Comet brings the same features as Dasher and adds personal notes in Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.
  • Blitzen. The biggest reindeer of the hitch, Blitzen, pulls the hardest. I need all eight of the hitch to fly, but the big runner-reindeer are the ones that break us loose from the ice. Blitzen offers the great features of Dasher and includes personal notes each month.
  • Rudolph. The most famous of all the reindeer is Rudolph. He’s the smallest and not part of the hitch, but his bright nose leads the way. Rudolph includes all the features of Blitzen with the addition of two video chats with Santa. We’ll schedule a conversation with your child on their birthday, and another during the Christmas season.

Remember, you may enroll additional children in the household for an additional $27 each.


Santa’s Greeting Subscriptions


$ 39 per Child

    • A Birthday Card
    • Year in Review
    • Nice List Certificate

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$ 59 per Child

    • A Quarterly Card
    • A Birthday Card
    • Year in Review
    • Nice List Certificate

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$ 109 per Child

    • Blitzen Plus
    • A Birthday Video Chat
    • Christmas Video Chat

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