Santa Jim visits a little boy on Christmas Eve
Santa Jim visited this little boy on Christmas Eve. What would you like Santa to bring?



Let’s face it – Christmases are something we look back on for years to come, remembering the good times we’ve had and the wonderful people we’ve shared our lives with. Creating joyful memories is the point of all the planning and details you work out for your holiday event. Santa Jim helps you capture the magic of the moment, whether it’s a private visit, wedding, anniversary, corporate occasion, or studio photography session.

Because Santa Him has worked with so many clients in so many different environments, you’ll notice that Santa brings just the right touch for your family and guests. This is how you and Santa Jim create magic.


Santa Jim with Baby
Santa Jim visits your children in the studio


Santa Jim in Horse Carriage
Santa Jim arrived in a carriage for this corporate event.


Santa Jim provides a variety of services. The services listed below are just a few of them:


Reward and recognize your child’s effort with a certificate of achievement from the North Pole. Your child receives a package containing a note from Santa admiring their accomplishments and encouraging their best behavior. They also receive a letter from Mrs. Claus that highlights their achievements, a Nice List certificate, and a keepsake medallion. The Nice Acadamy is available as a feature of a family visit, or as part of the Santa Writes program.


Help your child engage with Santa all year. Your child periodically receives a note from Santa applauding their successes and encouraging them to become their best selves. At the beginning of the Christmas Season, they receive a letter summarizing their accomplishments, and just before Christmas, a Nice Acadamy package. 


There are many reasons you might want a virtual visit from Santa Jim. Sensitive children, family travel, and illness are reasons you might choose to chat with Santa on your computer, tablet, or phone. Santa Jim has visited with children all over the world through this amazing technology.


Weddings, parties, Christmas Eve visits; I’ve done it all! If you’re looking for an experienced, family-friendly Santa to handle your next event then look no further. I’ve got you covered.


Whether you’re a small family-run firm or a large company, I’m prepared to help your employees make merry! I’ve visited with families at Christmas tree farms, restaurants, and shops. I’ve entertained employees at corporate luncheons and dinners. For a Santa with the experience to entertain your people, call for Santa Jim.


Since 2013, Santa Jim has worked with Studio Photographers to make beautiful memories. We’re very proud of the shots that we produce for our customers, and we know that sometimes our customers are looking for an opportunity for their children to have a magic moment with Santa. Santa Jim is well-trained in modeling for the camera and using props to engage children. Together we can provide something with a bit more magic than a retail experience provides.



NMWR Jim Creek, Arlington, WA

In early December of 2019, the Navy recruited Santa Jim for their traditional family Holiday Celebration. Santa Jim reports:

“I spent twenty years in the military and ten of those were with the Navy. When the Navy Morale, Welfare, and Recreation specialists at Jim Creek called, I was ready.

“I called Summer, the event planner, about a week before the festival to plan the visit. She had rented a coach and drivers to bring me to the Lodge at Jim Creek and arranged for volunteer elves to assist with the dozens of families who brought their children. We made our plans and got ready for the big day.

“When the day of the celebration arrived, I showed up about an hour before the start time so my appearance would be a surprise. The horses were situated behind the main MWR offices, out of the view of the arriving crowds. As the hour drew near, the perpetual rains of December began their soft, slow, steady fall.

“Washingtonians are used to the climate, and everyone was dressed for the weather. As Santa’s carriage approached, the crowd burst into cheers! Children ran to escort Santa to the Lodge.

“We spent more than two hours visiting with military families, telling stories, leading songs and activities, and hearing the wishes of each child. It was a magical day!”